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Into the Red

So… our area is now a red zone as of midnight. This is day one. I had a good cry last night about it. I’m so tired of being scared twenty-four hours a day everyday. My husband has been my rock and I hope that my feeble attempts to reciprocate are enough for him toContinue reading “Into the Red”


Ever feel like you need a break from life? This is how I’ve been feeling this past week or so. Thus, my absence from the blogging. Currently, my husband and I live in Canada. Those who have been paying attention to the news realize that our neighbours to the south have had an election thisContinue reading “Absence”

Research continues

Well, my husband and I might not have gotten everybody onboard for our dream of sailing and living sustainably aboard, however… I’ve shown some of the research that I’ve been doing with regards to solar panels and the water maker. The least expensive options are – all total – around $1300 before taxes. Online shoppingContinue reading “Research continues”

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